Beaches and places of the region, typical foods and enjoying the best of natural pools.

Tour Ilha Tour: Meeting the Paradise in Tinharé

For those who come to Morro de São Paulo or Boipeba, you can not fail to experience any of the surprises of this place. And to live intensely these moments of delight, the tip is to make the wonderful trip back to the island, and to delight in the exuberant beauties of the islands of Morro de São Paulo and Boipeba, in the Archipelago of Tinharé - Cairú - BA.

Leaving the Cais or the third beach of Morro de São Paulo, in high sea, begins the route of the famous tour back to the island. The pleasant boat ride takes you to the first stop of the natural pools of the lovely Garapuá Beach, still in Morro de São Paulo.

And if you're already thrilled with this beauty of place, make sure your emotions are just beginning !!!

Let us now explore the wonderful Moreré Beach, already on the island of Boipeba. This beach is a complete success, because besides the delicious bath in the natural pools, accompanied by several colorful fish, the visitor will have the convenience of savoring gastronomic delicacies of the region in the unusual floating bars and all without leaving the sea.

It will be difficult to want to leave the relaxing beach of Morerê, but the tour still promises several emotions, so it is worth continuing to explore the beaches of Boipeba.

The next stop is now at Cueira beach. Arriving at the beach, which is formed by a cove with an extensive coconut grove, with a breathtaking look, the beach is ideal for a sea bath, or enjoy a water sport.

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But there are many other famous attractions in this place, Guido's lobsters. Recognized by several tourism and gastronomic magazines, the lobsters of the former fisherman, now a restaurant owner, draws attention because it is prepared in a peculiar way, on wood fire; there are several options of lobster (lobster in butter, honey, pineapple, grilled). Everything a delight, is worth checking !!!

From Praia de Cueira, the visitor has the option of anchoring on the beach of Boca da Barra, it is the most urban part of Boipeba, where there are several options of services, such as: restaurants, bars, handicraft shops. Ideal for buying souvenirs.

From Boca da Barra beach, the route is now through the river of the Inferno towards Canavieira, about 30 minutes, and you arrive to the village. The attraction here is to taste the seafood grown in the locality (Oyster, lambreta, crab, crab); and to cool off, a bath in the river, is a good tip!

From Canavieiras, the destination is now the beautiful city of Cairú - BA. The city reveals many interesting and intriguing stories that are worth knowing. It is also worth knowing its historical material heritage, such as the beautiful Convent and Church of Santo Antônio do Cairú.

Now awash with so many natural and historical beauties, it is time to return to the Morro, which was the starting point for curious travelers, and now the arrival point of the happy pathfinders of paradise, and they will have many adventures to tell.

Important Tips !!!

It is interesting to take to the ride, for protection of the sun and wind: sunglasses, cap and coat. Money for lunch and extra expenses. Plus, just relax and enjoy the look.

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