I think the energy of the place has a lot to do with the curious meaning of his name. Since in many religions "water" symbolizes purification and healing; and the word "beyond" can mean sight beyond reach, or the sea remains beyond. I say this to present a place that in its Tupi origin means "Waters of the Beyond", everything to do with the enigmatic and mysterious beauty of Guaibim ..

For some skeptics it may seem silly, but just bathe in their waters, or just sit in front of the sea to feel the good energy of this place. It is an inspiring setting, perfect for contemplating the sunset or to enjoy the beauty of the moon among friends.

For this reason, anyone who walks along the coast of Bahia can not fail to include in the itinerary one of the most beautiful beaches in Bahia, Guaibim beach, 17km from Valença.
Much appreciated by the Goianos and Brasilienses, Guaibim attracts many visitors, who are enchanted by their clear and blue waters, of pleasant temperature, without stones, and surrounded by coconut trees; which in addition to serving as a natural hat, makes the beauty of the place even more exuberant, which has an extensive strip of fine sand, a real invitation for a good walk!

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Today with about 3 thousand inhabitants, the village of Guaibim, still retains the tranquility characteristic of when it was a fishing village; however, it has infrastructure and several services such as: hotels, inns, bars, restaurants and craft stores; providing convenience for visitors. In addition to the charming beach huts, which run in the summer, day and night, with several menu options, including regional, made with seafood.

The village consists of six moderate-wave beaches in the open sea. The beach of Guaibim is the most sought after and trendy, it is the point of the surfers. The beach of Guaibizinho, along with the beach of Guaibim, is where the beach huts (bars and restaurants) are concentrated. Taquari beach is quieter, so it is the favorite of those who like a more reserved place; is where the Taquari river meets the sea, ideal place for bathing in water of the river and the sea. To the south of Guaibim are the beaches Mamucabo, Ponta Grossa and Ponta do Curral, all of them still little sought after, but of a natural beauty, ideal for ecological walks, in a place where the fauna and the flora are confused.

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